17 April 2007

John Rabe saves Nanking, I find my i-Pod

Oddly enough the hero of the Nanking massacre was John Rabe, a high-ranking Nazi official. This doesn't help me as I try to figure out who is bad and not in the world. But, in a favorable turn for the Japanese, I found out that when politicians talk smack about Nanking in Japan (say it wasn't anything, really), they get fired. So that is one good thing.

Also, I found my shuffle.

Also, I got paid tonight and have a FLOOD of new students. Finally in a place to say, No, I will not come on a different night, and no, I will not discount, and no, I will not change the class time. Take me or leave me, but please, all you haters can take the highway.

Now, if only I could connect to the internet on Yoko's computer.