06 April 2007

Keys to success

Taking a test is nothing. It only means that you are good at memorizing information. The SAT (or at least the SAT I took, seven or eight years ago) was a vocabulary test. The ACT was a little better as I recall, but you didn't have to write for either of them. I think they should replace college testing with some sort of triathlon, including some exams that test what you really need for college and life. Like, for example, how to suck up and network.

The GRE was the same. I took no math or science classes in college as I had finished them all my senior year of college. The last math class I took was College Algebra when I was 16. I was an English major and took mostly English classes in college. I also did pretty well, I thought. You know, nothing amazing, but I did okay. Anyway, I took the GRE and I scored 730/ 800 on the math portion and 580/800 on the English portion. This means I either totally missed my calling in life, or the test is complete bollocks. I think the second is more likely.