05 April 2007

MySpace, my women

Every time I go to MySpace, I end up running into people I haven't seen in forever. Hello you people I haven't seen in forever! My, have you grown.

Yoko said some of the funniest things I've ever heard her say yesterday. In Japanese, I don't know how odd they are, but when some Japanese words and phrases bounce around in my head in translation, they sound hilarious. Yesterday, recounting an encounter with a co-worker who is losing her hearing, Yoko said, "She can't hear anything. It's terribly inconvenient."

The baby, who we say again today, looks an awful lot like my sister. The baby had her head turned towards Yoko's back during the ultrasound, so the doctor pushed around a little to get her to move around which she did, but she didn't look happy about being turned around.

And you know what, give me a gold star or whatever because I wrote 1,000 dissertation words today. Only 11,000 more to go.