06 April 2007

What I got done

Well, I have a meeting at school at 1 o'clock, marking the end of my 5 weeks away from my main part-time job. Last year, I spent my vacation very unproductively, so this year I decided to make a list of things to do (seen here). Anyway, I got most of it done, although there are a couple of notable exceptions. I didn't hit my goal weight (I'm still about 2~3 kilo shy, depending on the day this week), but I did manage to get my body fat down to 12%, according to the machine at the gym, at least. I also accomplished some other things:
  • Changed flat tire and all the snow tires on Yoko's car
  • Biked Sado
  • Got my JALT presentation submission done
So. That's something, I guess.