26 May 2007

Bathing ape

Bathing the baby has not gotten easier. She skirms. She looks so troubled. She grabs onto my arm like she's struggling for her life. She breaks daddy's heart. When it's done and she's all wrapped up, she looks like she has forgiven me, but until then, things are a little hairy. I don't know what I'm going to do if she ever gets sick. I'm going to have like full-on depression. If baby is happy, daddy is happy.

I was talking to Neal about how great it was to go home to a wife and a child. He is also starting to settle down and nodded knowingly. 'We're getting old,' he said.

She's sleeping in my lap now. I keep saying to her, 'I'm your daddy. It's daddy! You are baby chan and I am daddy' and she just looks more confused.