24 May 2007

Cleaning up for Mom

You might notice things getting cleaned up on this blog and that's because my mother is now stopping by every so often to check out the pictures of the baby. I'm going to do my best to stay respectable because, I'll be honest, my mother taught me to be respectable. I've said before that I learned to be polite when I came to Japan, but really, I learned to be polite from my mother. My sister and brother and I were super polite when we were kids, especially towards adults. This was the work of my parents, and I am still benefiting from it.

My mom also taught me some of the other most important lessons I have ever learned in my life. For example, if you don't know something, read a book and find the answer. We didn't have a TV when we were young children, but my mom always had us at the library. Nerds? Yes. Well-equipped for higher education? Oh yeah.

My parents also taught us that to love each other. And to say we love each other. And my parents taught us to give to the poor. So now that my mother is reading, maybe I can get her to get her own blog? We'll see.