17 May 2007

Dots and Dashes

Jen Tynes, former classmate, gets it right:
Dots and Dashes

Somehow we get around to working
with our hands, if we work at all,
to keep the lights on. Phonetic
rings around the radiance coming
from the telephone, something
important is "a calling." Let's be
vocational icons, blowing
our own glass. No arch or nemesis
in this company, the tension
is the wire. I am not afraid
of connecting you, but the ability
to electrify. Charging finches
are mysterious because of our lack
of transparency. Magnetism nothing
we can singe together, form compound
jingles. For the sake of relation
I could replace it with the name
of any local bird–is this hallowed
bristle down the spine or does
the spine desire a service.