04 May 2007


After naming Barack Obama my number one friend, there seems to have been some trouble. I'd like to say, that whatever my role was in this MySpace mess, I regret it. Luckily, Obama is up and running again (can't keep him down!) and has 30,642 friends in like, I don't know, 15 minutes on his new site.

Giuliani looked the most agreeable of the Republicans. How many of them don't 'believe' in evolution? Huckabee? Say it ain't so... Who doesn't 'believe' in the existence of their own ass? Come on! Oh wait, wait. Huckabee just said he 'believes' in global warming. Great. I gotta say though, I really appreciate them talking about States making decisions rather than the federal government. Apparently, they didn't get get the memo Karl Rove that Republicans don't stand for that anymore.

But after watching both debates, seeing all 19 of the candidates, I would take ANY of them over GW. Anyone. Even — I can't believe I'm gonna say this — Sam, these are pictures of stem cell babies, Brownback.