05 June 2007

Blogging to the future

I'm thinking about moving my blog to a server and doing my own thing with my own URL as I'm tired of using a template that everyone else has and I want to be original. Nate, my good friend and mentor from high school has offered to help me out, but I'm still a little nervous. Will I be confused all the time? Will my blog fall apart? These are serious considerations to take into account with all you readers out there.

Once, Nate and I went to see Catburgler in this like industrial park in North Chicago. This was right around the time when I had the most explosive yen (in the Kerouac sense) for Ruth Gray and right before the time that she slapped me on the butt at a church retreat, but, you'll correct me if I am wrong, Ruth Gray's older brother or one of his friends, some guy named Tommy something, was in Catburgler. They were just about as hot as you could get. You probably have never heard of Catburgler, but I thought it had included former members of Sustain, or XsustainX as we'd write it, given that they were Straight Edge. No one has ever heard of Sustain either, but it doesn't matter — they were awesome. I talked my parents into letting me go because I probably said something about them being a Christian band which they might well have been and my parents trusted Nate to make sure I didn't get hurt.

We drove around this industrial park looking for the show, and we finally found the place, but it wasn't a club or anything. It was just like this warehouse. The first band started playing and I was feeling cool as I did when we went to shows when suddenly the power shut off and there were like 5 cops there telling everyone to go home because there was no license to have a show there. So I never got to see Catburgler.

And I never got to hold Ruth Gray's hand either which is sort of a shame, but I guess I've done well for myself and shouldn't complain. I hope she's doing well too.