03 July 2007

Baby with personality

The baby is working hard at acquiring a personality. Today, we were hanging out and when she started to get agitated. This was followed, predictably, by a very thoughtful expression, and then a small explosion. Wow, I thought, that must have been a big one: my leg feels warm. Well, my leg felt warm because the baby had broken loose from her diaper and I was covered in baby shit. This, however, didn't phase me at all, and I calmly took all her clothes off and hosed her down before handing her over to the wife, taking all my clothes off, and hosing myself down.

They don't tell you that before you have a baby, but mark my words, you will get shit on. And pee'd on — I'm up to three times with this one, no wait four? I lost count, more than three times —and you will probably not be really bothered by it. Is this a sign of maturity or just giving up? I'm not really sure.