27 July 2007

Counting Crows

I've been listening to some live Counting Crows stuff, courtesy of Berkley Place. I like the Counting Crows, and if you think that makes me lame, well, I understand. Listening to this stuff reminded me of the time I saw the Counting Crows with my brother and girlfriend in high school. I was all excited about the show — it was the This Desert Life tour. But I just remember the sound totally blowing and everyone around us being dicks. There was a guy smoking crack or meth or something, too.

My brother and I have an interesting history of going to shows. We went to the MxPx/ Blink 182 tour at the end of the '90's. The raunchy language in the first two bands scared us so much, that after MxPx played, we left, fearing for our souls. Which is too bad because I missed Blink 182, which is another band I'm ashamed to say I like. I like them. The same girlfriend and I then saw them at the United Center three or four years later with Oasis and a bunch of other bands at one of those 25 minute, 8 big band shows. We also saw Sleeping at Last that same night, as I recall... No, no, wait, that was the next year. When we saw Live and Papa Roach and Jimmy Eat World or something.

That's right, I'm on vacation right now and my Journal of Computer Mediated Communication article is going nowhere fast. Faster, in fact, than my Powerpoint presentations for Bangladesh that need to be done in three weeks. Maybe I need to make a list of things to accomplish, like I did this Spring. That worked out, as I recall.