25 July 2007


I'm finished with my day jobs for a while now. Feels good. Now, to get some things done.

The Democratic debate was boring, full of boring people. All of them. My fire for Obama is not getting bigger. John Edwards on a 'journey' about gay marriage. Obama nailed that question though. Marriage, as it is defined in religious expression, should be up to the religious folks. I totally agree.

Huge world traveler moment for me today. Ran out of pages in my passport. Got my passport sent back from my Bangladeshi Embassy it needs more pages. How do you get more pages? Well, your home embassy has to put them in. So here is the trip my passport will be on the next couple of weeks:
  1. Last week, my passport went from Niigata to the Bangladeshi Embassy in Tokyo
  2. Lack of pages gets it sent back to Niigata.
  3. I pick up my passport today, go to the post office and mail it to the US embassy for more pages.
  4. Saturday or Sunday, my passport should be back in Niigata
  5. On Monday, I will take it to Japanese Immigration to apply for my Japanese Visa.
  6. After getting a stamp saying that I applied for my Japanese visa, my passport with then travel back to Tokyo (alone) to get my Bangladesh visa.
  7. It will travel back to Niigata, only to return to Tokyo and the US embassy on August 17th so that we can apply for baby's US passport and SS and other US stuff.
  8. My passport will then actually go to Bangladesh.
  9. Upon returning to Niigata, it will then go back to Japanese Immigration to get my official Japanese visa.
  10. Then it will have a rest.