18 July 2007

Up all night

I've been watching a lot of the Senate 'debate' last night or all day, depending. First of all, 'debate' is a misrepresentation. Lots of the same thing being said by different looking white guys from both parties saying the same thing, depending on the R or D next to their name. Second, Harry Reid, with all due respect, needs to work on a real compromise rather than this nonsense. This is a waste of time. Third, I'm tired of all this, 'I'm going to do what I think regardless of what my constituents want.' Bush is all up on this: I am doing what's right, forget public opinion. Unfortunately for Mr. Bush, our government is not built to support this sort of governing given our occasional 'elections.' You see, as an elected official, you job is not to represent your opinion, but the opinion of your constituents. That's what Democratic Republic means. Am I right, or am I right?

But I think I missed Obama. Or he hasn't spoken yet. Or something. This should be his moment — he should totally take it to the wall here. Come on.