30 July 2007

Working hard/ hardly working

I've been working on getting my presentations together for my trip to Bangladesh. I just finished the first one and it's looking pretty good, I guess. I'll post some of my slides one of these days. I did have this excellent conversation with the team leader for the trip:

Me: So how is the safety where we're going?
Team Leader: Oh, it's no problem, no problem. Just don't leave the airport unless someone meets you. It's very dangerous at the airport.
Me: Okay, I got it.
Team Leader: I mean it's not like you're going to get taken hostage or anything.
Me: Right, right...
Team Leader: And if you get taken hostage, at least you'll get to be on TV.

I also need to get my dissertation in some sort of publishable state in the next two and a half weeks, but it's not going so well. Not so well at all.

The baby and I had good daddy-baby time yesterday and today. She's a really great excuse to get out of church and sit in the church classroom having our 'ooo-aaaa' conversations. She's a talker.

I have things to say on Mormonism, Global Warming, Obama, and lots of other things when I get my shit together.