05 August 2007

All of that

Obama and Clinton at the DailyKos convention perked up my ears. You might have heard that Clinton got boo'd and laughed at on a couple of occasions, namely trying to defend taking lobby money. 'Lobbyists represent Americans' was her basic argument. Of course, no one bought it and Obama capitalized fairly well, although he is sort of taking Lobbyist money himself. I'm not really sure how it works, but it does.

As many of you know, for Obama to win, Clinton has to slip up in a big way, or Obama has to do something epic. Or a little on both side. Or he has to win Iowa and New Hampshire. As it stands now, it's not looking likely anyone's going to do anything epic one way or the other, and Obama will likely (all things equal) come in third in Iowa and second in NH and be finished. Unless what happens this weekend keeps up. As Clinton already has this second coming aura around her, I think she has already begun trying to position herself for the general election. This, however, might be a very, very big mistake because most of us on the Left do not want to hear about nuking anyone. We don't want to hear about how Lobbyists are okay. And when Clinton says stuff to that effect, it makes people like me (in the pink underwear) doubt her credentials and less likely to swing her way in a primary.

This is where Obama can capitalize. He's gotta pound this to death, how he's the real deal and Clinton is not. How he hasn't been in Washington for 15 years. And I'm happy that he's not giving into this 'young and experienced' goat the media has tied around his neck. It's crazy because everything he says, suddenly, he's young and inexperienced. Not will to nuke Bin Laden? Young and inexperienced. I hope this keeps up. And all you white, fundamentalist Christians out there give a black Christian who isn't Alan Keyes a chance.