23 August 2007

The Floods are Rising Tour, 2007 becomes Viva la revolution! Day Four

The student riots in Dhaka went from about a 4 to an 11 throughout yesterday and the government called a state of emergency and a curfew. We went out before the curfew started, walked up the street and hundreds of thousands of people were in the streets, walking away from the South part of the city because there were no cars allowed on the streets. We came up to a crosswalk and a couple of miles away, could see the smoke rising in the sky. After eight, we stayed behind the gates of the Catholic High School where we were staying and waited it out. Very few people could travel to the conference in the morning and we were told that there were police at the corner and someone had seen a student being beaten.

It's funny in a situation like this, the information is transmitted like gossip. The cell phones were not working. The news is censored. Everyone is saying what they hear or think they have heard. There were rumors that the workers were joining with the students and if this were to happen, there will be martial law and a full scale revolution. Talk about an experience. I am very happy to be here and be a part of everything.

Anyway, they lifted the curfew for two hours and we were able to get to the hotel, where I am now, watching cable TV and enjoying the Internet. I'm traveling with the greatest people, too. Everyone is wicked relaxed about it, joking and just having a good time.

It has been an amazing trip. Really fascinating.