22 August 2007

The Floods are Rising Tour, 2007: Day Three

I'm in the office at the high school where we have our first conference, waiting for my turn to present in about thirty minutes. The conference participants here don't seem to really understand English as well as they might at the national conference that starts on Friday. Anyway, it should be fun.

We were watching BBC last night and saw the University of Bangladesh on the TV — apparently the students are rioting because of some military brutality that happened after a football game. It's shut down part of the city, but not where we are at. The school I am staying at is behind high walls, and here it is quiet except for street sounds. The morning and evening calls to pray are the loudest thing we hear. I have been writing a lot in my room, but I don't see a USB port on this computer so I can't post the more profound what have you, or pictures.

Dhaka's really a fabulous place. The people are kind and sincere. The food is very good as well. Our team leader is feeling much better as well which is very encouraging.