16 August 2007

Going now to Bangladesh

I just about finished packing for my trip to Bangladesh. We are headed down to Tokyo tomorrow to get baby applied for a passport, spend a couple of days in the city, enjoy ourselves, and then on Monday, I am headed out. A couple of people have asked me how I got signed up for this trip. It's sort of complicated, but it all begins with the maxim that I live my life by: apply for everything you're interested in, try anything you get a chance to try, and always try to compete in a small pool. These philosophies has served me well: gotten me to Japan, gotten me a beautiful and intelligent wife, improved my job situation on several occasions, and some other stuff.

Last spring when I was trying to pad my CV for applications to Japanese Universities, I was looking for places to present my 'research' (I say 'research' because my 'research' isn't really much of anything). In the Language Teacher (the quasi-academic journal put out by the quasi-academic Japanese Association of Language Teachers) advertised this conference (the Bangladesh Association of Language Teachers' annual conference) and called for submissions. I sent in three abstracts and was accepted.

And now, the time has come for me to actually go and I'm realizing that I'm going to be a bit over my head, looking at the people who I am going with. But that's okay. Another part of my maxim involves being over-confident. And if all else fails, I can just push everyone into the flood waters.