16 August 2007

Hello old friend, and wait a second

That's right, another one year spousal visa. Last year, when I was so upset about getting a one year spousal visa, they told me, the first time I would get one year and the next time I could get three years. This year, they explained to me because last year I 'changed' my visa status and this year I am 'extending' my visa status, that this is really my first visa. Next year, they say, I can apply for three years.

Everyone I know in this damn country has a three year visa. I'm married. I have a baby. I've had the same job for two years. Why do I have to keep going back to that damn office every damn year with the same damn papers and prostrate myself before the damn immigration officials? Please let me live in your country, pay taxes and contribute to your fledgling population growth rate. I know my eyes are the wrong color and people like me are contributing to the dissolution of what it means to be 'Japanese', but really, if you let me stay, I'll do my best to stay out of your way.