12 August 2007

On X

(Let me reiterate my support for the revolution. My comments on X are not intended to be, in any way, seen as critical of the revolution.)

Today was another lazy, boring Sunday afternoon, spent fending of thoughts off going to Bangladesh, my visa, and my work situation in the future. So I watched a fascinating documentary on Malcolm X. Malcolm X said famously of JFK's assassination:
"Chickens coming home to roost never made me sad. It only made me glad."
The point being that because the US had supported violence all over the world, the death of JFK, who he saw as being one of the agents of this death, was to be expected.

This is terribly ironic when one thinks about X's own death at the hands of Nation of Islam assassins. It turns out that X was right: if you court violence, you have the chance of falling victim to that same violence.