11 August 2007

Today, a disaster

Well, today could have gone worse, but I would have had to have been eaten by a large elephant.

It started with baby, whom I love. She was doing great, hanging out in her crib, so I took her out and played a little. But then she started crying. And not like the normal crying. The real serious, something real is going down kind of crying. I took her to Yoko and she was just getting more and more upset and having trouble breathing, she was crying so hard. We got her on the bed and got her clothes off and her legs were turning purple. Yoko picked her up again and she suddenly threw up everything she ate that morning. That was, apparently, the problem because she calmed down and got her color back. But for about a minute and half, I was just about to call an ambulance.
My passport disaster is still that: a disaster. I think my travel agent might well be the most incompetent travel agent in the whole of Asia. Will I go to Bangladesh? The doubt is growing.