19 August 2007

Tokyo US Citizenship Campaign, Day Three

We had another day of wall-to-wall excitement in the big city. I met with a professor from Birmingham this morning then lunch with Neal and then to the Apple Store in Ginza. The Apple Store in Ginza will change your life if you ever get a chance to go there. The baby has been taking it all in and trying not to die in the sink during bath time.

I had a good time last night with Neal and some people from around the world. The South Africans told me not to worry too much about Malaria in Bangladesh because even if I catch it, I won't die. I'll just be really sick, but people don't usually die from malaria anymore. And Neal encouraged me to take the dysentery pills before I go.

Tomorrow morning it is out of the big city and into the mud. The first day of the 'The Floods are Rising Tour, 2007'. This will be huge. Next post from the Kuala Lumpur Airport which has both a Burger King and Starbucks. And wireless Internet.