20 September 2007

Finland is out, fashion is in, investment is in

I talked to a very kind woman at the Finnish Embassy the other night and was told that I cannot reclaim my Finnish citizenship. I have to find some other way to get EU rates at the University. Some other country has got to have lax immigration laws.

Kanye West did okay for himself last week and his record which, from what I have heard of it, is pretty hot knocked Fifty Cent right on his ass. Not that I really care about any of that, but it was good to see someone with a little bit of style do well over someone who thinks that wearing loafers makes you gay. I read through Esquire yesterday as I do sometimes, not because I am able to afford anything in Esquire, but just because I like to look at the shoes. My brother and I were talking about Kanye West's understanding of himself in history, and I think fashion awareness is part of being aware of oneself in history. That is to say, to be unaware of how you present yourself stylistically is to be unaware of your position or the perception of you in society. Not giving a fuck about how you look may be fine, but it, unfortunately, doesn't preclude the fact that others still perceive you a certain way. It's so American to think that we can divorce ourselves from the world around us and think that somehow we can exist apart from the world we live in. Of course we can't and of course the pair of pants you wear reflects on you as a person. It's the nature of life.

In other adult-related business, Yoko and I are trying to work out our investment situation again, given the probable move in the next couple of years. I had a little bit of an epiphany the other day: If you could acquire $500,000 which, if you gave yourself 30 years or so, wouldn't be too hard, you could in an incredibly, incredibly conservative investment, make about $3,000 a month in a CD with an APY of 5.60%. This would be more than enough to partially retire and do whatever the hell you want without worrying about money, provided you lived your life in a fiscally conservative manner. I think that's pretty crazy.

Now, to get back to my citizenship search.