05 September 2007


I had a moment of brilliance today as I was proofreading my dissertation. I am a very bad proof reader of my own work. I always end up reading what I think I wrote, rather than what I actually wrote. The answer? Textedit. Textedit is a program all Mac users have that will read text aloud. It reads it pretty well, actually. Although I might not be able to see my mistake, I can hear it very well. After doing this once, I think I have eradicated a lot of the problems in my text. Plus, a narcissist, I love listening to my work read outloud to me.

I wrote this in a MySpace comment. It's a good description of how I plan to spend my life:
One day, after I finish all this, I will write a book about how teaching creative writing from an applied linguistics perspective is the answer to everything. I will coin a phrase that will be hugely popular and people will pay me to say this phrase at international conferences. I will rarely do any real work, see the world, and write a C grade novel under a pretentious pen name. That's my professional plan, at least.
The baby just keeps saying, 'Nyanyanyanya..' all day long. There is happy nyanya, sad nyanya, contemplative nyaya, and angry nyanya.

Lastly, we solved the TB immunization debate, deciding to do it or not do it based on where we move next year. This seems like the most reasonable and wise option. Thanks for everyone's kind thoughts. I got my mom to comment even. Which reminds me that I need to curse less here. We'll see if that happens.