03 September 2007

Making decisions

As a parent, I found out that I have to make decisions that frankly, I would rather not make. The current decision that I don't want to make has to do with immunization. In Japan, they still immunize against Tuberculous. The rate is a little higher than in the States, where we now do not immunize for TB. Immunizing for TB would not be a big deal if the immunization did not result in a rather large scar on my baby's arm. 18 scars to be exact. In the US, some of our parents have these scars, but no one my age has one. It's a proud, permanent sign that says, I come from a country that uses old technology because there's no reason to change.

So we have to make a decision about whether or not to go ahead and get the baby shot up, resulting in a scar that none of the kids in the US or UK will have, or not, and face a slight increase in her TB risk. TB immunization, it turns out, only helps you until you're like 6 and only again about 70% of the cases of TB. This, as far as I'm concerned, does not seem like a good enough reason to scar the baby.  When  it comes to the kids, any sort of permanent change to their body, if it can be avoided, should be and this doesn't seem like a good enough reason.

Anyway, the point is, I would rather not have to make the decision about it because I'm responsible one way or the other. And the Japanese people will just do whatever they're told by the doctor, so opposing it puts me (and subsequently, my wife) out of the pack a little. This is fine because we're leaving within a year, but still... I'd rather someone else just make the decision for me. Any takers?