10 September 2007

A Prayer

Look, I'm not really into praying, but I thought I would share this prayer that I am lifting up to Steve Jobs today, as I forgot my flash disk at home:
Dear most sufficient St. Jobs:

Look, I believe in Apple and I believe in you. Based on my faith in you, I'm wondering if you could bend your ear to the 'lowly' and hear my most humble prayer. I want my hard disk to be based online and I want to be able to access it anywhere in the world. Today, again, I have forgotten my flash disk and instead of doing valuable work, I am praying to you. You see the problem, most sufficient St. Jobs. So how about this. Make a new iBook (or MacBook or whatever you want to call it) with no hard disk (or a very small flash disk), but with a wicked long-lasting battery and Wi-Fi access anywhere in the world. Then, I can pay you $100 a year or whatever you want for me to have an internet hard disk that will automatically update my desktop hard disk, so I don't have thirty versions of the same dissertation, all just a little different. I hate that. I know, I know, but mac.com still sucks and the storage space is too small.

I love you and trust you, most sufficient St. Jobs. Anywhere you go, I am willing to go to. Especially if that place is Internet-based storage.

In your most sufficient name, Amen.