06 September 2007

Procrastination is not my friend

My big plans for running the Niigata marathon have come crashing down because I didn't register early enough. I thought you could easily sign up a month before. No dice. Apparently, while I was hold up in a Bangladeshi hotel, the deadline was passing, quietly, so now I'm going to have to find some other marathon to run.

I think I finally understand what a theoretical framework is and how it differs from an analytic framework. Look, people are publishing papers all the time: why not me?

The new iPod nano is a winner. This is the first year I haven't accidentally bought an Apple product a mere day or several weeks before they come out with a new one. Maybe I'll be able to avoid buying anything this year.

The baby woke me up yesterday, babbling, 'Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-' in my ear. It could not be ignored: she needs attention and she needs it now. I hope she finds out that she can entertain herself soon. This seems to be forthcoming as recently she discovered that both of her hands fit together and can be sucked on at the same time. And also that if she laughs hard enough, she ends up farting. Well, until she discovers toys, I will continue to hone my baby entertainment skills, which are honestly quite good.

It's funny how people appear in dreams that you have managed to block out in your waking life. Or how you change in the course of a dream. In a dream last night, I could recall that I was married, but I wasn't sure to whom.