27 September 2007

Various Items, 09/27

Hadman and I were sitting outside yesterday morning and we saw two crows confront another two crows. It was surreal. They pinned them down behind a wall and then pecked the shit out of them. There were feathers everywhere. When it was over, two of them seemed to have injured wings. I didn't think that other creatures did this to each other.

I know you're probably tired of hearing about my confusion relating to my future, but I am being pursued to take an instructors position at a private university in Niigata. If I take the job, I can do my PhD part time, but I will still be teaching English and still be living in Japan. I would, however, not go into any debt going to school and be able to get some funding to travel. The problem is that I have to make a decision before I would hear back from the Open University on whether I got in there or not. Time for another list.

More on the Guliani cell phone thing. Maybe he just doesn't know that they can be shut off? Either way, I still think he's a hack.

Saw Babel last night. It was good. It took me about 3/4 of the movie to figure it out, at which point I said to Yoko (who was watching the movie with English subtitles), 'Oh, they're those kids parents' and Yoko said, 'Yeah, I knew that.' I guess I'm an idiot.