15 October 2007

Recall this

My computer may be under recall which is good news in that I won't have to pay for anything and bad news in that I won't have an excuse to find a new machine. It seems to me that moving the iMac will be next to impossible, so once it is set that we are going, it will likely be up for grabs. You will be the first to know. I would like to get an Intel Core Mac mini, with the best processor and most RAM, but little hard drive and then buy my own peripheral hard drive and monitor. Those bastards really soak you on the price of the monitor when you get a desktop computer.

I found the younger brother of an elementary school era friend of mine on Facebook. So many things I recall about his family's house and so many insecurities. His mother once told me that I was insecure and I wasn't sure what that meant. I just knew that it made me feel odd. Unsure of myself.