17 October 2007

Returns from Fukushima and Apple screws me

We are back from Fukushima and there are no pictures yet because I can't be arsed to load everything onto this computer and then load it back onto my i-Mac if or when it gets fixed. Fukushima was great. We all got naked and there were no Sharpeis or pictures taken, so please don't worry. Remember, this is a family-oriented blog.

So I was pissed about my i-Mac dying and then today, on my way to rent a movie, my i-Pod gave me the dreaded: Oh hell no, I thought, this can't be happening to me for a (seriously) fifth time. It was and it is. My iPod has also died and gone to hell apparently. The Apple store assures me that it's likely a hardware problem that I can have fixed at a 'genius' bar at a retail store. ::looks around rice fields and sees baby sucking fingers:: Ain't going to happen, support site, you asshole. My choices? I can always buy a new Apple product to last me a good 18 months.

Steve Jobs, you can take your jeans and tennis shoes and billions of dollars and eat it, as far as I'm concerned. The rest of us have stuff going on.