06 October 2007


The baby has taken to rolling, like she figured the process out entirely. Before, when she rolled, it was always sort of a fluke. She would get angry or whatever. Now, she knows: flop your ass over, tuck, and roll. She is no longer surprised by it either, so we have to be a lot more careful about where we do or do not lay her down. It's so funny who she relates to Yoko and I differently. She demands things of Yoko, squawking and getting upset. Whenever she sees me, she starts smiling and doing her little dance. This, I found out on Thursday, only lasts so long as Yoko was away for about three hours and two hours and fifteen minutes into Yoko being away, she freaked out and could not be consoled. When Yoko came back, she stopped crying immediately and fell asleep. The next morning, she had forgotten, but I was still hurt. 'What,' I said, 'You think you can just forget about all that freaking out last night? You owe me an apologize.' She just laughed and started up her baby chat.

I have been thinking a lot about my philosophy of parenting this week. So far, there is little to worry about, but I think my philosophy of parenting is going to be like my philosophy of pedagogy. I want to create a safe place for the baby to build all the skills she needs to make her own decisions when she is older. I don't want her to be anything but what she is compelled (as much as she can, from her personality and desire) to become. The rub, I think, is how much to control. If we raise her in Japan or the UK, she will be completely different. She will see different possibilities and be constrained in different ways.

More on this as it develops, but until she starts talking, we're gonna focus on keeping her from rolling off the bed.