09 October 2007

Various Items, 10/09

Well, Fall is here, the baby is in footsy pajamas, and the Cubs have blown another opportunity. I am also trying to find a jacket that I can wear when I ride my 'hog', but this has led me to a series of frustrating questions involving exactly how much of a jacket I should get. This decision would be much easier if I knew whether I would need a real winter jacket in the next five years. Being that I am in the purgatory of academic life, I have no idea.

The purgatory of academic life is like none other.

I have also been thinking about communicators and how it sucks that we only listen to people who communicate well. There are all these people with great ideas that aren't good communicators, or who are too smart for the rest of us to understand. If only Heidegger had been good at making compelling action/adventure movies about Deisin. Frankly, I'm tired of everyone talking about how to communicate their message better: what about the fucking message?

The baby and I went out together without Mommy on Sunday afternoon and we did very well.

I have some time off in the next couple of weeks, so I'm hoping to get some writing done and a couple of proposals and an abstract nailed down and out to the perspective reviewers. We'll see what happens.