01 November 2007

Little gifts

I got a nice little gift today in the form of one of the older teacher's forgetting that we had class in the second period. I did not talk to him about having the class, just sat at my desk, watching the world go by. I have big plans for the rest of the day, I can't be bothered.

These plans include going to the dentist for a three month check-up, having the earpieces replaced on my glasses, going to the bookstore, and teaching my community center class.

Now that I have my grades from Birmingham, I feel like a kind of weight has been lifted. Things are still up in the air, but it feels like I'm moving in a good direction (life as a journey) rather than dead in the water (life as war) at my current job. I've managed to stop worrying about it. Yesterday, Yoko and the baby and I went out and about for the whole evening, with no stress and no arguing. The baby freaked out in the restaurant even, but rather than getting frustrated, I managed to get her outside and just accept that she needed to get away from the people. And that it was okay. There was no rush, no problem, no reason to get angry at her or Yoko. She just needed a quieter place.

Marriage seems to be full of all oscillation (marriage as a machine or system). And I found myself looking at Yoko last night and thinking, 'You know, I really like this person' — almost as if we were still dating. What an odd thing, to realize again that you like your wife. Or to kiss wife like you have thousands of times before, and it to be new again. This is certainly a gift.