05 January 2008

Adolescent Stephen dies in 2007 (evidence)

I think 2007 was the year that the adolescent version of me died completely. 2006 had been a bad year for staying a child given the marriage and the purchase of a nice jacket that wasn't from a thrift store, but it was pretty well split otherwise. Not so, unfortunately, with 2007. Having the baby was a large part of it, I guess. I gave money to a political campaign for the first time and then lost money in the stock market. I rented a car and got really angry at people for driving too fast. I finished my Master's degree and published as an academic for the first time. I complained about noise and chose not to go places based on how difficult it would be to park. I didn't go to many shows. I went to bed before midnight on most days.

My Christmas presents really illustrate how far I've fallen.
The iPod is debatable — maybe still in the child category — but the electric shaver, wallet, scarf, and CD by popular Japanese rock band are all in the adult category. And more than all of that is how happy I am to have a nice wallet, scarf, and shaver, and how much I actually like a band called 'Bump of Chicken'. So take a long look at this guy and say goodbye. He's gone now.