06 January 2008

Don't be afraid: Confront those peeing

I finally confronted the guy who keeps peeing in front of our apartment building. I hung out the window and shouted in Japanese, 'Hey, what's wrong with you?! Knock it off!' and then as he zipped up and started walking away, annoyed, 'This isn't a toilet! You're being rude!' I felt sort of satisfied with myself even though I doubt it will change anything. Like I said to Yoko, there's some famous quote about evil prevailing when good men do nothing, and this is case and point.

I didn't want to embarrass Yoko, so I asked her a couple of times if it was okay. She said it was fine, but she was worried about the baby's safety. What if the pee-er chose to retaliate? You don't understand, I said, He's more scared of me than anything. I'm the big angry black man in the white suburban neighborhood in 1954. I don't think she would quite understand that analogy.

Tomorrow, I go back to work and start counting down days until I'm finished. Less than 40, I think. An actual number is forthcoming.