16 January 2008

Things keep going

Lots of life and death surrounding me these days. My grandmother is passing away from complications of a myriad of health problems she has had. It's been hard on everyone, obviously, but I was never very close to her. In fact, I can't ever remember us having a substantial conversation. My parents are having a difficult time, so you might keep them in your thoughts and prayers, if you are that sort of person.

Yoko is celebrating her 19th birthday this week, although I can't say for certain how many times she has celebrated her 19th birthday. We (Yoko and I) are actually going to go out by ourselves, without the baby, to see a movie tomorrow morning. This will be the longest time we have been away from the baby ever, I think. Hopefully none of us implode.
“This woman said, ‘Well, how do you get up in the morning?’ It just struck me, how do any of us get up in the morning?” Mrs. Clinton recounted.
Am I just missing the boat or is being a woman much, much harder than I imagine? Is getting out of bed in the morning so much harder for women than men? Hillary says she never makes issue of her gender, except of course, to constantly remind people that she is a woman and that she would be the first woman to be president and that it's so hard for her (as a woman) to run for president because she is a woman and that all women who are like her (because she is a woman) have the same womanly problem of getting out of bed in the morning. I guess I have the same question too, How does she do it?

I'll tell you how Barack Obama does it: By kicking ass and taking names.

And another thing: Why does Obama have to run against both Bill and Hillary Clinton? Shouldn't we be a little bit scared when a comment that Bill Clinton makes plays such an important role in the campaign? Dude, seriously, sit down. You aren't running for anything.

Maybe we'll get another sex scandal out of this before the whole thing is over...