07 February 2008

Another good cup of tea

I made another very good cup of tea and it is now cooling.

The baby has been grunting to show her emotions recently. They are mostly happy grunts. I think she thinks that I understand her. She smiles when I grunt back at her. She really likes being grunted back at and so do I, I guess.

There are some people very gifted in being stylish, like they are comfortable in their own skin. I was getting my cup of perfect tea a moment ago and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I thought, that guy is not comfortable with himself at all. He is the epitome of everything he dislikes.  He's wearing slacks even.

All this focus on the election is probably not good for me. I drove to school listening to David Bazan. There were three seasons on the way to school, winter first, then spring then fall. It's back to the heart of winter.

We are moving in a couple of weeks. Three weeks from Saturday. Everything will change suddenly. I have lived in this apartment for three years. More than three years. When I moved in, I put up Christmas lights and pictures of sumo wrestlers.  Now I have a baby and a wife. Explain that. Oh wait, I can. One day I went to church and saw the most beautiful, bookish woman that I thought was out of my league. And here we are.