01 February 2008

Asus EeePC

Yoko is trying to talk to me about a lot of different things, from her friends having babies to our baby's latest poop to some mutual fund issue to dinner plans, but I'll be honest, I can't focus on any of it because I know, one of these days, my phone is going to ring and on the other end will be a very polite Japanese man telling me that finally, after weeks of waiting, my Eee PC has come and I can pick it up. 中旬 is a vague Japanese word meaning the middle of the month — that's when it should be coming.

My father-in-law is a man after my own heart. He called today and was talking to Yoko and she was getting annoyed and finally hung up. When I asked what it was about, she said that my in-laws have acquired a new TV and her father wanted to talk about it. Yoko, as I have learned, is not interested in talking about big TVs or laptops for more than five minutes, but I was excited to hear about it.