02 February 2008

Good news, bad news

This is good:
Having received the reports from the Scientific Committee, we are pleased to inform you that your submission, "Metaphor and the Vlog: A Case Study of YouTube Discourse", has been accepted for a PAPER presentation at the "Seventh International Conference on Researching and Applying Metaphor: Metaphor in Cross-Cultural Communication" to be held at the University of Extremadura from 29th to 31st May 2008.

This is bad:

Send money.

The good news gets even gooder when you consider this: The 'Scientific Committee' mentioned in the first part includes two of my potential PhD supervisors. So this means I have at least some leverage with them. It also means that I will get to meet them and potentially wine and dine one of them for an allusive PhD studentship that I have been pursuing. I doubt I will be very good at wining and dining anyone, however.