09 February 2008

I don't think pimp means what you think it means

Indulge me in some politics. The Clintons are barking up the wrong tree with this story about some guy at MSNBC saying they were pimping out Chelsea. Not the people to be attacking right now. I don't know how this helps her cause at all. She fights with NBC, Obama campaigns.

Blog reader and good friend Scott made the comment that this wait for Texas and Ohio strategy is the same one that Rudy Giuliani employed regarding Florida. It ignores the fact that momentum and being perceived as a winner is important. We all know that Rudy Giuliani, instead of being the Republican candidate, is now selling hot dogs for John McCain.

I solved a problem that I have had for about a year now. I got these sunglasses (prescription ones because I'm blind as a bat) after I got back from Italy where all the cool people wore sunglasses on the subway, but the sunglasses weren't quite as dark as I wanted. In fact, I had the lens changed once on the shop's dime because they didn't do it right. Well, after a year of not being satisfied, I finally went back to get darker lenses. We'll see if the problem is actually solved in ten days, but the woman who helped me, the same woman who helped me a year ago, still kept insisting that I don't really want dark lenses. It will be hard to drive, she said. They're sunglasses, I said, they're supposed to be dark. To which she answered, Oh you want sunglasses?

Love — and especially love for your spouse — is something that gets clearer with time. I think back to when me and Yoko were dating and all the things I thought I made me love her at that time (which were all good things, don't get me wrong) pale in comparison to the things I know now. I suppose this will continue to happen as we move on — I will continue to look back and think, Five years ago I totally didn't get it like I get it now.