28 February 2008

Moving On Up Tour, Day -2

We are moving in two days and so far, not a whole lot has been done. Kind of like our preparations for traveling and here I am, writing. We went up to the new apartment today and it is pretty nice. They moved out some of the garbage that was left over from the last person, and what was left was space — lots and lots of space. The baby was beside herself and crawled around in circles and circles, laughing. I sat down at the kitchen table (as we have a kitchen table now) and thought, I could get used to this — especially the bathroom sink. We have a bathroom sink now.

My third article will be coming out in April in "The English Teacher". This is actually the first article that was accepted to be published, but it has been waiting its turn for about 15 months as this is a rather popular albeit not particularly distinctive publication. Unfortunately, I wrote it about a project I eventually gave up on, my ill-fated English school, Helter Skelter. You win some, you lose some. The proof doesn't represent my current, slightly more illustrious affiliation.