20 February 2008

Noah gets reasonable

After all the budfuttering about Noah and the assault on logic that ensured, I think I finally heard something reasonable from the infamous and famous GH, leader of the free world in Niigata. GH appeals to both reason and truth, arguing that perhaps the flood may well have occurred in the limited world of the text, matching up with the Mesopotamian flood myth. The possibility of a flood occurring in the limited context of the writer and even the building of a boat is reasonable. You allow that the size of the boat is probably embellished and that 'all' the animals in the world includes only the limited world of the writer, then you start to see how this story might have begun to take shape. So rather than having some dumb questions about how a man got a bunch of rhinos and tigers in a boat, we appreciate it for what it is.

This sort of explanation suits me because it doesn't duck the question with some elaborate 'What is truth anyway' gymnastics, and it also doesn't throw away the story. It allows for a marriage of faith and marriage without attacking either. My Fundamentalist friends might not like it as much, but they are hard to please anyway.