26 February 2008


My thoughts on Rome after the jump (nothing to do with religion in either the video or comments, don't worry):

Yoko and I went to Rome in the Fall of 2006 as part of our honeymoon. We had put off our honeymoon until the Fall because we were able to get more time off and the weather was supposed to be more suitable. Yoko, however, famously became pregnant much earlier than we had planned and subsequently fell terribly, terribly ill. This happened, of course, after we had made our plans to go, so faced with losing several thousand dollars in reservations, I chose to soldier on and drag Yoko out. The honeymoon, I thought, would not be ruined if I had the sheer force of my will behind us. And the sheer force of my will was something to be reckoned with.

I suppose it's better that I learned this lesson earlier rather than later, but forcing anything in a marriage by the sheer force of one person's will is a recipe for disaster and will lead to, among other things, several days of wandering around Rome by oneself, feeling sorry for oneself. Learning life lessons is never easy.

Wandering around Rome alone, however, is something in and of itself and if it hadn't happened at the cost of my honeymoon, my memories would be largely positive. Actually, my memories of it are largely positive — of walking from the Vatican to the Termini without a map, and following backroads with huge trees lining them. Of the blue sky and St. Peter's. Of all that weight — the city, the unborn child, the future.