15 February 2008

Valentine's Day victories

If you saw my post yesterday, you may have sensed the enormous optimism that has swept over me, given the joy of being able to see Johnny Cash daily and maybe ask him for some advice now and then. The baby too is optimistic, and after several attempts at re-writing 'Rehab' so it would be acceptable to sing to the baby, I have chosen to sing, 'They tried-a-make me go to preschool, but I said no no no.' This seems much more pertinent to the baby and she loves it.

Well, my day after Cash only got better when the computer store called to tell me that the EeePC (black) had finally arrived. Soon, I will have it in my hands and all over my body.

Then, I went to survey our new apartment which is just about twice as big as our current place, with a (gasp) bathroom sink AND a place to put the washing machine that is not in the kitchen. No more standing naked in the kitchen toweling off with the baby laughing at me. It also has a veranda and still, great location. I was also told that the rent is being negotiated, but at a minimum, it will be about $250 less than what we're paying now, and could be closer to $300 less. Pictures coming soon, I'm sure.

Later I was given chocolate by several of my students, only all the chocolate was in fact filled with alcohol. Imagine!

I imagine this: Sitting out on the veranda, smoking my pipe, listening to mellow tunes, and typing away the future on my tiny, tiny computer while the world spins uncontrollably.