19 March 2008

Laotian in Motion Tour, Day 1

On the plane, I am surrounded by old Japanese men who will not respect my space. I hate that. I was able to choose my own seat and chose the aisle seat so that I can stretch out my legs, at least a little bit. Before we took off, there was this ridiculous video about, you guessed it, the safety of JAL airplanes. You know you are riding on a Japanese airline when there is a five minute presentation on the test that the plane inspectors must take before they can become plane inspectors. Safety, if you have not been told, is more important than just about anything. I am happy to get out of Japan again.

The little netbook I bought has earned itself on this trip so far. Like it. Love it. Well, I suppose I don't like the battery so much. The battery isn't so hot. Why is it that companies always say that a battery will last like 50% longer than I ever experience. Am I using it wrong? We'll see if it works when I do the presentations on it.