22 March 2008

Laotian in Motion Tour, Day 4

I'm now settled in the right hotel, in the right place. This hotel is much nicer than the other one, although there is still no Internet access. I think I will be able to go now to a cafe that has WiFi and if you are reading this and all my other entries then I have succeeded. If not, well then I have failed.

Vientiane is a nice place although very touristy. Lots of white people running around. I was able to sit out and drink some very good cappuccino though, so I am happy about that. Everything you could possibly need is here. I think I am going to be able to get a bus back to Bangkok too, one that will get me back in time to catch my flight, at least in theory. I don't want to get stuck for another day in Bangkok and have to spend a bunch of money to change my flight. 

Other than that, I suppose I should be working a little more on my presentations, but I'm lazy and am going to go sightseeing instead.