24 April 2008

All this and a whole lot more

I love this:
Clinton: How many apples do you see?
Everyone else: Uh, five.
Clinton: But what if you don't count three of the apples. Then how many do you see?
Everyone else: Two?
Clinton: That's right, there are two apples.
My funding application wasn't successful at the University of Leeds which is really not a surprise. I wasn't expecting that my marks from Birmingham would carry me that far in an international scholarship race at a large UK university. Still, it was nice to have been nominated. I'm hoping that all of my options fall away except one and then I can make an easy choice. Not that the Leeds option is not still there because I am more than welcome to go, I just have to come up with some way to feed the baby and my wife while I am going.

I have two classes left today and one tomorrow. Then we are getting into the Golden Week holiday where I am hoping to enjoy a five day weekend and get a bike.