08 April 2008

You make me feel so tall

There was a time when all the bands that made me feel anything were on Vagrant Records. This was the end of my freshman year in college. I don't remember all of them, but the number one band was the Dashboard Confessional. That summer there was this tour where all the Vagrant bands played, one after another. There were like six shows in Chicago and two in Milwaukee and I went to four of them, I think. That year I saw the Dashboard Confessional six or seven times.

The best show was the one in November, when Dan Hoerner from Sunny Day Real Estate played with them. Four of us drove up from school to see it, and we stood in the balcony at the Metro. I threw up in Denny's after running into my ex-girlfriend, Bob and Bob slept on each other in the back of Jules' car. We got pulled over at 3 in the morning and Jules and I broke up the next week. It was a hard year for me. And the Dashboard Confessional didn't really make it easier.

Tonight, some five or six years later, I'm listening to 'Can't Slow Down' by Saves the Day and writing about metaphor theory.