14 April 2008

So now what

Finding good, quality daycare in Japan is a huge pain in the ass. I'm sure it's worse in the States, but Yoko and I have been having non-stop trouble since Yoko went back to work. After the Buddhist nursery school didn't work out despite my heavy lobbying for us to hang in there, we decided to go with the woman who was watching Naomi in Niigata. Although she is much older, she seemed like our only real option. This was going well until today when she told Yoko, Oh, by the way, I can't watch the baby tomorrow. Now, my morning of research is blown and Yoko has to take half a day of vacation while we wonder, now how often is she planning on doing this. We need to live closer to some family. We have no options except the first place which Yoko is dead set against and the whole thing is causing much more stress than it needs to.

My new job, on the upside, is going quite well and I am getting into the swing of it. I've taught all but two of my classes and they seem to be manageable. I'm really focusing on becoming a good communicator this term and trying to keep the classes dynamic and moving swiftly. This is difficult when you are just learning verbs sometimes, but I think it will all work out well in the end.