17 April 2008

Working things out

I thought my schedule was really wide open earlier this week until I was looking at a list of classes that are canceled for orientation and saw that I had a class I didn't know I had. After some investigation, I realized that I had missed the first class of my section for students who are repeating English conversation. Consequently, no one has come in the following two meetings. This is odd to me because the course is required for them to graduate and if I, as a college student, had a required course that I had to make up and my professor wasn't at the first meeting, I would be pretty worried and ask about it with someone. Well. No one has said anything and no one is showing up so I think I may have shed 3 hours of classes. We'll see what happens.

I will probably end up with this Giant FCR 2. Ride with us or collide with us.